Do I pay for my accommodation whilst on my elective?

No, all accommodation is provided in the central elective locations and on all activity breaks. If students decide to venture beyond the range of the elective and the activity breaks provided, then Medics Away is not responsible for paying for your accommodation.

Can we have our invoices issued now?

We will issue you with your invoice now, but you may wish to sign up for other extra Activities between now and your departure date, so the invoice total may change (i.e. domestic flights, etc). In this situation, we can just adjust the invoice according to the Activities you have requested and the amount you have already paid. Payments can be made at any time, as long as we have the balance completed before your departure date.

Can we pay in instalments or all at once?

We would prefer it if you sent us full payment of the elective all in one go by cheque or bank transfer. We are looking to open up credit card transactions in the future but we currently are unable to accept credit cards. If you would like to pay for the elective in instalments we can organise a payment schedule for you. This can be over any period of time and for any instalment amount. You must complete the balance for the elective before traveling to the host country.

Can you provide me with a cost breakdown?

I am sorry to say we do not supply cost breakdowns, in the same way that no other travel company will provide them. Our charges are based on the cost of the individual electives, commissions paid to our representatives, overheads (past, present and future), a rescue fund for students who find themselves in trouble, our charitable activities and our profits, most of which are ploughed back into developing better and more extensive electives. If it is any consolation to you, none of the people running the company have drawn any salary for the past 5 years and this is the first year the company will make a profit. If there was no profit, there would be no service – that’s the American way.

Does Medics Away require a deposit to secure an elective?

Medics Away does not require a deposit to secure a place on any of the elective programme. Some Activities for some electives do have non-refundable deposits associated with them (i.e. Inca Trail in Peru), but most do not and the general elective package (not including extra activities) are mostly deposit free.

Students are more than welcome to cancel their elective with Medics Away at any time in the ‘Pre-Elective’ period. If you travel, you pay. If you don’t travel, you don’t pay. We advise any students thinking about travelling with Medics Away to simply submit a Booking Form, receive Confirmation emails and become part of our overlap document for other students to see. This has many benefits as it will encourage others to book making the elective more fun, it will allow Medics Away to organise you and the groups better, it will provide your university with proof that you have an elective organised. If you choose not to travel with us, simply inform us of your change of plans and we will be than happy to remove you from our booking lists. You do not have to give a reason, but sometimes it’s good for us to know, we can occasionally help to enable a student to travel when previously they were not.

What if we cannot go on our elective?

In the unfortunate event of being unable to go on the elective (either due to a change in circumstances or not passing exams) then Medics Away will refund all of your payment and nothing will be deducted. If you opt for extras that are non-refundable, then the cost of these will not be refunded. As payment is not expected until near the date of your departure, then quite often Medics Away can just cancel your elective before you have even made payment. Medics Away does not expect any deposit to secure a place on the elective program.