What flight details do I need to provide Medics Away?

Medics Away requires your full flight details including the name of the airline, flight number, arrival time and date and the destination. We only require the last leg of your flight details (i.e. the flight that arrives into the elective host country) and not all of the connecting flights. It is also useful to know the flight details for your departure journey (i.e. only the flight that leaves the elective host country and not all of the connecting flights). Upon making a reservation, you will find a form that allows you to register your flight details with us.

When should I buy my flights for the elective?

Students generally buy flights from between 6 and 2 months before their expected arrival onto the elective program. Most airline companies do not publish flights over 8 months in advance, so there is little point looking around for deals prematurely. A lot of people believe that the earlier you book flights, the cheaper they’ll be. This is not entirely true, as a lot of airlines reduce the fares having published them for a few months. Medics Away will provide you with a guide price of what to expect to pay for flights depending on the time of year. This is only available to students who have made reservations.