Can Medics Away help me complete documentation for our university?

Medics Away is happy to assist you with completing your documentation. We have a database full of forms that students have asked us to complete for individual universities in the past; chances are we have the form you need already completed. If you ask, we can simply send it out to you. Often universities ask lots of questions that to be honest, would be difficult to answer even if you were part of the government of the host country. University forms need to be completed ‘as best as possible’. Universities are very used to having students travelling with Medics Away, so it should not be difficult to convince them about the validity of our service.

What documentation do we need to provide Medics Away?

Documentation is elective specific. Each location requires something slightly different. Medics Away will inform you on making a reservation exactly what documentation is required. Most documents can be scanned and sent via email. Please refer to each electives website information for more details of documentation required.