Can friends and family join us on Activities?

Family and friends are more than welcome to enjoy all the opportunities available to you on the elective. Fees for such services are calculated on an individual basis and depends on whether or not they require Medics Away to provide accommodation and/or Discovery Trips. Please have any friends or family fill out a Booking Form, specifying ‘Activity Break’ and the name elective student they want to join.

Can I do extra activities and excursions?

Yes. Please refer to the electives for more details of all excursion.

Will I be charged for extra activities?

You will be charged for any activities beyond that which is included on your itinerary. Most students find the Full elective sufficient and don’t require any further activities. For those wishing to participate in Non Itinerary activities (i.e. SCUBA diving, etc.), the cost will be itemised and added to your final invoice. Please refer to the Itineraries sections for each elective to see what is and is not included in each elective option.